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Friday, September 23, 2016

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This weeks prompt is: What is your book betrayal story?

My biggest book betrayal story is from about 10 years ago. I was still in high school. I'm very sad that I'm closing in on my 10 year reunion, by the way... when did I get so old!?

Anyways, it was the days of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and I, along with everybody us in the reading world at the time, was obsessed. I bought the first book on a whim, after I saw it on the top sellers on Amazon. Up until that point, I was a firm contemporary YA reader only. This was my very first (except for Harry Potter) venture into fantasy or paranormal. Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much. But, I loved it, and quickly picked up the 2nd and 3rd book as well. All in beautiful hardback editions... because I knew these were going to be keepers.

I loved the first book so much, that I literally, read it out loud to my mom. I wanted her to share in the love, so I followed her around the house reading to her. I was like her own personal in person audible. Looking back, that was kind of pathetic. But, it worked and my mom was soon just as hooked as I was on the series. 

Here is where the problems came in. My neighborhood at the time was a very tight knit little our of the way culdesac. There are literally about 20 houses in the whole neighborhood. Everyone was super close, and there were regular ladies nights (where all the moms got together to gossip and drink), neighborhood potlucks, parties, ect. My mom told the other moms about this great series. Of course, they all wanted to borrow the books. By this point, my mom had bought her own copies, but the demnad was too high... so my copies began making the rounds through the neighborhood. Everyone had a different book, and honestly, I had no idea where my books were 90% of the time. They went through the moms, and all the teenage girls, and even some other friends and family members outsside of the neighborhood. Like I said, this was the height of the craze, and my small Southern town was taken over.

But, sadly, my books did not fare well through all of the travel. I never did receive the first book back. Somebody decided to keep it for themself I guess. My 2nd book was missing pages, and the 3rd book actually had the hard cover half ripped off! I was devestated. These were my new lifelong favorites after all. Also, I was an overly emotional teenager... so, there might have been some tantrums and some 'I hate you! You ruind my life's' thrown in at my mom. I blamed her, since it all began with her friends. Guys, I seriously was upset for days. Oh, and somehow, all of my mom's copies came back looking perfect.

My parents ended up repurchasing the whole series for me when the 4th book came out a couple years later. It came out the day after I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and I spent 4 days holed up in my bedroom marathoning the series. A year later, I went to college, and completely forgot about the series. But, I'm not going to lie Twilight definitely helped shape my high school years.

Did you lose beloved books? Which ones? I'd love to hear from you, and will definitely respond!


  1. That's such a shame! If I borrowed a book and it somehow ended up with half a cover, I'd replace it, not just give it back! Still, I suppose it was a good thing that people wanted to read them. None of my friends or family are big readers, so maybe a it would be worth sacrificing a few books to get them into some of my favourites.

    New follower - happy F&F Friday!


  2. I think it's amazing when a series you absolutely loved when young turns into an ok series when older. I wouldn't think we'd all change that much, but I guess we do. New follower blogger.com