Top Ten New To Me Authors in 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This week we are featuring authors that we read for the first time in 2016. I have a ton! I had a wonderful reading year this year, so it was hard to pull this list down to just 10, but here are the authors I chose. This year has been a rediscover YA fantasy... as I'm sure you will notice. I'm glad I'm finally getting caught up on these fabulous authors. I was years behind.

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1. Renee Ahdieh - She has become a must read author for me. Her words  are perfectly poetic and beautiful.
2. Morgan Rhodes - I binged through what is out of the Falling Kingdoms series... and I cannot wait for the new book coming out next week I think.
3. Cinda Williams Chima - I got to meet her, and she is just wonderful. Her books are wonderful well-spun fantasies. A must read if you like YA fantasy.
4. Rick Riordan - Yes, I just read him for the first time this year. His books began to be published when I was in high school. I was too cool for middle grade books then. I call those the dark years... I might have spent a couple years thinking I was too cool for Harry Potter. Scary times people, scary times.
5. Mary E. Pearson - I couldn't put down the first two books in this series. It drew me in and held me.. I've been putting off the final book because I don't want it to end.

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6. Elle Kennedy - I have been recommended this series more times than I can count. Now I know why! These are hilarious NA romance books.
7. Mariana Zapata - Probably my newest obsession. I loved this book so much. I have been stalking Mariana Zapata's facebook... and website. I want to read all of her books.
8. Alexandra Bracken - This is an author that a lot of people have a hard time getting into. I enjoyed Passenger, but what took it to a new level was meeting Bracken. The amount of research and soul she pours into her books is just amazing. Guys, she loves what she is doing, and tries to stay true to it. I'm highly anticipating the sequal next year.
9. Both Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff - I've only read Illuminae so far, but it is one of my top reads this year. It is so unique and wonderfully written. my husband bought me Gemina for Christmas. I was with him when he bought it... Okay, I put it in the cart and paid for it.. but he is taking his sweet time wrapping it... and it is taunting me. Teasingly to come read it now. No need to wait 3 more weeks. He needs to get wrapping or it might sneak out of the closet and onto my bookshelf.
10. Brandon Sanderson - I'd never even heard of Sanderson until this year. That tells you how behind on Fantasy I am. His books are big... really big. But, they are wonderful. Any fantasy reader should read his books.


  1. Elle Kennedy is on my list too. I have seen her on a lot today!! I still need to read Illuminae but I think that will happen this month. Great list!

  2. Oooh this is such a fantastic list I LOVE IT. I adore Illuminae! I read it for the first time last year, but then re-read it this year and ajfdklasd it's even better the second time I think. *cries because heart is still broken though* I really hope Gemina is excellent! I need to get to that one to. :P I also adored The Wrath and the Dawn and The Demon King and Percy Jackson! You've discovered so many amazing authors this year ahh!! Here's my TTT!

  3. I so want to read The Wrath and The Dawn but haven't gotten to it yet. You can check out my list here.

  4. I haven't read books by any of these authors- yet! But your description for Renee Ahdieh's book is definitely peaking my interest! I have read good books reviews about that book and I'm glad you enjoyed it, too! I really hope I make the time to read it in 2017!